Necessary tools for programming

I suppose that you are running one of the two platforms, either windows or linux. Linux based users already have gcc installed and can download its different versions also. For windows users there are many options, Borland's programming tool suite or Microsoft's visual C++ are all commercial applications among so many. The good news is that there are free tools also such as the windows port of gcc called mingw. It provides windows users with all that they could ever want from a commercial application. You can google mingw to find more about it. However, don't do it now before you read this post completely.
Next you need an integrated development environment or IDE that acts as the editor in which you code.
It has many features over an ordinary text editor. For linux users, I would like to recommend kdevelop if you are using a kde desktop. For windows users, you can download a very good free IDE called Code Blocks. At the download page, choose code blocks binary file and then codeblocks-mingwsetup.exe file. This way, you will get mingw along with  the IDE.


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